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My books are officially closed until further notice for new submissives for one off real time sessions. I will still be doing online sessions. If you’re interested to see when I’m touring or hosting session days open to everyone, subscribe to my mailing list.


I am a natural dominant and will take you to new realms, using your weaknesses against you to bring you to a state of bliss.  I particularly enjoy humiliation, degradation and getting into a submissive’s mind and making you my bitch. 

I can and will be selective with those I choose to session with. Please read all of the information provided before applying for a session with me.



Sunday 14th April in Leeds Chamber Dungeon near Leeds and Bradford airport from 1:30-6:30pm for sessions and cashmeets


​Sunday 21st April in Hackney, London from

12-4pm for sessions, cashmeets, shopping and more.

April: 6th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th

For these dates, you will be expected to cover the cost of a fully equipped dungeon or minimum of a 4 star hotel, as well as my travel costs.  From March I will be  based in  North Yorkshire, but still available for  sessions  in London and other areas of the UK, as well as FMTYs. I will travel to surrounding areas such as Leeds and York if travel costs and hosting is covered. I am currently NOT hosting.

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Protocol and terms

Booking Notice:

I very rarely take same-day bookings. However, if I do agree to the same-day session, there will be a surcharge of £100 if I am not already hosting.


Deposit and tribute:

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is mantatory for any circumstance where you will be meeting me in person. This is non-negotiable. My tribute prices are also not up for negotiation and will be expected to be brought to the session in cash unless previously discussed.


Safe Word:

The standard safe word system I use in sessions is the traffic light system. "Red" means "stop", "orange" or "yellow" means "proceed with caution", and "green" means "more, please!" If you wish to use an alternative safe word/non verbal que, please let me know before the session starts.



Personal hygiene muste spot on. If I feel it isn’t, I will ask you to leave with no refund. This includes douching beforehand if any anal play will be taking place.



I expect you to be punctual for sessions, as it is a sign of respect for my time. If you are more than 10 minutes late without contacting me, your session will be subsequently cancelled and your deposit will be kept.​



You must adhere to all my limits listed in my “Services” page. You may not touch me under any circumstance, unless explicit permission is given. Failure to comply will result in the session being terminated immediately. You will be blacklisted and the rest of the session payment will be due in full.



You will not record/take pictures during any part of the session. Furthermore, your privacy will be respected and I will not be taking any pictures or recording clips unless your consent has been given beforehand.

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